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Eligibility criteria for using Funder Network

Staff and trustees of the following organisations are welcome to access the site:

  • UK trusts, foundations and charities that principally operate by making grants
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  • Public sector funders (if the user can be verified as having a role in grant-making)

Users with other types of connection to the above organisations (e.g. consultants, advisors, support bodies) may be approved on a case by case basis. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact

New registrations are approved manually and you may be asked for more information. This is to ensure that Funder Network remains a protected space where questions can be asked and answered openly and honestly.

Site rules and etiquette

  1. Funder Network is a protected space for foundations to share knowledge openly and honestly. All questions and answers should be in this spirit. While it is password protected, do bear in mind that there are hundreds of users on this platform.
  2. Data is to be used and treated in accordance with ACF’s privacy policy. Please treat all information on this platform with due care and respect, and do not share beyond the site unless invited. When posting, users should abide by relevant data protection regulations and other relevant legislation and regulation.
  3. This platform is for funders to share queries, issues and concerns with one another about policies and practices relating to their foundation. To make the most of the community, please select the most appropriate categories for your questions.
  4. Please refrain from using the site to: publicise funding rounds, programmes, or events; raise funds for your own or another organisation; or sell your products or services. Posts that ACF deems inappropriate will be removed.
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